We take your project seriously and want to keep you in the loop on what it takes for us to develop your next project.



This step is one of the most important steps in your journey to developing a product for you. Through emailing, planning, scheduling and putting things into action. Pre productions takes a tremendious amount of work in assuring a smooth production.

At Eastowest we have worked with a  variety of clients to create content to market their brand/story.  Every project is carefully crafted from the earliest stages of pre production to produce the best possible product within their project budget.


Production is where the magic happen! This is the day of shooting where we bring in all the gear and make what we planned in Pre Production into a reality. Whether we are setting up for interview or capturing an event, this is where the cinematography takes its biggest role in production.

This is where our craft escalates. Our directors work with talented crew to product unique visual experience. All of our sets utilize high production camera equipment and web pay great attention to every production detail. 



Not only is Production where the magic happens but Post Production is where we develop that magic and produce a visually capturing product. From animated titles, time-lapses, hyper-lapses and more we are able to turn your story into the real deal. With many hours of editing we are able to cut and splice your content into the story we planned in Pre Production.

Our editing department takes on many projects in a multitude of styles.  We constantly train our editing skills to keep up with trends. Eastowest will cut the content that fits your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Color Correction and Sound Design are the final stage on each production.  We put in a great deal of efforts in this stage.  Colour grading each film helps stylize a mood and theme to each project.  In addition to audio we use sound design for the most energize experience.